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Corporate Council for Freshwater

The Corporate Council for Freshwater is a network of forward-thinking businesses pledging to increase the pace and scale of freshwater restoration. Council members are invaluable supporters, and their contributions are critical to helping us change the course of conservation.

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Foundation Support

Several noteworthy foundations have committed financial support to helping The Freshwater Trust fix more rivers, innovate, and develop new tools and technologies that accelerate the pace and scale of restoration. By quantifying the outcomes of our actions, we’re able to ensure these foundations that their support is being put to real and immediate use improving our country’s freshwater resources.

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Agency Support

We’re firm believers that every restoration effort taken should be linked to quantifiable differences for the environment, and that impact should be measured and tracked. We know what we’re getting for every dollar put into a restoration project, and this makes The Freshwater Trust a credible investment for many government agencies using taxpayer dollars. We’re fortunate to be working with many federal agencies to achieve results for the rivers we all love and rely upon.

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