In Quantified, Whitworth draws lessons from the world's most tech-savvy, high impact organizations to show how we can make real gains for the environment.


Google, Apple, Amazon, Uber: companies like these have come to embody innovation, efficiency and success. How often is the environmental movement characterized in the same terms? Sadly, conservation is frequently seen as a losing battle, waged by well-meaning but ultimately ineffective idealists. In Joe Whitworth’s first book “Quantified,” published by Island Press in September 2015, he argues it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it can’t be this way if we are to maintain our economy, let alone our health or the planet’s.

Whitworth draws lessons from the world’s most tech-savvy, high-impact organizations to show how we can make real gains for the environment. The principles of his approach, dubbed quantified conservation, will be familiar to any thriving entrepreneur: situational awareness, bold outcomes, innovation and technology, data and analytics, and gain-focused investment. This no-nonsense strategy builds on the inspirational environmental work begun in the 1970s, while recognizing that the next economy will demand new solutions.

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“Quantified provides an analysis of why old models aren’t working and how we can each play a role in optimizing for a shared and durable prosperity by rigorously quantifying benefits for all stakeholders.”

Andrew Kassoy, cofounder of B Lab

Quantified reveals our mounting water issues as dire, important, and solvable.”

Alexandra Cousteau, filmmaker, founder of Blue Legacy, National Geographic Emerging Explorer

“A clear-eyed view for how business should think about the critical resource of water in the coming century.”

Andy Bryant, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Intel

“From investment to governance to conservation, this book lays out a path that very few knew existed.”

David Chen Principal and CEO, Equilibrium Capital